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SwissRe | Bengaluru | 2,60,000Sq.Ft. | LEED Platinum Certified

Principals: Yatin Patel, Mehul Shah, Bimal Desai
Design Team: Geetika Jain (Lead), Dhanya Menon, Karan Patel

The SwissRe office in Bengaluru is one among the largest
SwissRe offices across the world. A new Grade A facility, the
office is LEED Platinum certified.
The office entailed transforming a 12 year old building with a 5
grid deep footprint. The project was approached to futureproof
the office over a period of a decade with highest standards of
interior design. The proposed concept is that of a vertical village
with the introduction of a staggered atrium with connecting
staircase that links Social hubs on all floors.
This atrium enhances interconnectivity between floors by
bringing to the disposal of the occupants break-out spaces,
optimized levels of natural light thereby bringing alive the spaces
within the building. The space around the atrium provides
optimal daylight penetration and work zone depths. The design
team also introduced ‘Art’ as a major element – Wall surfaces
act as blank canvasses where curated art can be displayed. The
central atrium is planned with a seamless circulation across
the floors with the staircase acting as a winding Gallery Space.
The office is designed to deliver an assortment of work settings
that provide for a multitude of highly ergonomic utilitarian
spaces for the employees. The changing dynamics of the business
makes the workforce and teams fluidic in the their ways of
operation also alarming a need for an “immersive” workplace
planning approach that accommodates to be as fluidic as the
teams themselves. The future-mix of “I” and “We” spaces gives
employees the freedom to work within teams and yet be capable
of focused working without being subjected to permanent
desking. The visual idiom has been centred on being minimal,
pure & alive, natural and bespoke. The design language was thus derived to be subtle, calming, de-cluttered and neat also arriving
out of forms that the spaces themselves take. The aesthetics were
ensured to be mindfully minimal with the use of veneer, exposed
cement finishes, self-textured & woven fabrics to craft out a
residential inclined ambience. Timelessness has been an aesthetic
ambition that we as designers have tried in achieving. The idea
was to highlight one element in each area and not have competing
elements that draw away from the notion of a clutter-free design.
In aligning focus to the vertical elements within office the carpets
and flooring have been designed to be natural and minimalist in
their appeal. The open office area carpets and flooring have been
designed restricting the design idiom to only 2 shades of grey.
Breaking the monotony within the office, the neighbourhood
areas have been planned to include pops of colour to bring
alive the excitement of using multi-functional spaces. Lighting
and ceiling have also been designed to be seamless with depth
light fixtures to avoid over exposure through artificial lighting
and minimise glare. The ceiling within the office includes
anodised aluminium loops to deliver a much more minimalised visual appeal. Acoustics have been treated to bring in
the modularity in design with the use of fibre and glass wool titles. The office is also equipped with Intelligent Automation systems that are implemented to provide state of the art services design to the client and also greater control on monitoring
systems and longevity. The project is also designed for mindful investments within solar, sustainability, technology and high workspace performance environments that are a step ahead.