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Nirvana County, Gurugram, Haryana – By Design Consortium

The interiors of the 3-bedroom apartment in Nirvana County, Gurugram have been conceived as a blend of finished materials with raw and rustic textures in furniture and upholstery. The apartment is owned by a family of three- father, mother and
daughter.As per the client’s requirements of a spacious and full of light apartment that would provide a
response to their needs; the residence exhibits the
warmth and vibrancy of a creatively designed living
space. The guidelines were to create a modern and
lively design that balances beauty and functionality.
The house has two floors which are brought together
with the help of the centrally located open staircase
which welcomes inhabitants in the house. The
entrance lobby extends into the living room which has
been expanded and opened up to an outdoor sitout
space. The kitchen located behind
the staircase is followed by the
dining space which also looks onto
the outdoor sit-out, while creating
an internal connection with the
living room. The ground floor also
has a bedroom and servant room.
The upper floor branches out into
two bedrooms and a lounge, as
one walks up the staircase. The two
bedrooms located on either side of the staircase share
a large common terrace which outdoor furniture and
landscape elements.
The interiors of the house follow a vivacious theme.
The colours used on fabrics and walls are given a break
and twist with pop of colours on feature walls and in paintings and upholstery. The material, texture
and colour palette incorporated in the design
undergoes variation ranging from rustic and
earthy wood, jute, fabric and stone in flooring,
furniture, art pieces etc., to modern and sleek
metal in frames, artefacts, chairs, staircase
railing etc. The design also attempts to use old
furniture pieces by refurnishing them in order
to blend with the entire theme of the house.
The interiors of the living have white walls
with yellow stone used on the flooring which
is complimented with the rustic wooden
furniture and fabric sofa sets, modern art
paintings on walls, unique art pieces in jute and
wood, creating a rejuvenating and warm space.
The staircase was opened up acting like a screen
or skin knitting the spaces together.The addition
and alternation in the form of wider treads with
subtle lighting makes the staircase welcoming.
It stands out in the form of its railing which is
designed as suspended cables and the stone
which highlights the staircase against the plain
white walls. The bedrooms on the upper floor
exhibit a subdued colour scheme with primarily
white walls and furniture with contrasting
colours on upholstery. As the client is a collector
of art, a lot of emphasis has been laid on walls,
lighting and display spaces. The overall design
creates a vibrant and lively home with a varying
palette of colors and materials.