M Moser Associates -Workplace Design & Architecture

    Since its inception in 1987 in Hong Kong, M Moser has
    pioneered Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach
    for its projects. IPD methodology is an evolution of design
    build approach in which the Client, M Moser, its consultants
    and sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers work together
    from the start of the project through construction. We believe
    that this approach integrates all the benefits of design, project
    management and construction in a cohesive manner. All team
    members work towards achieving better quality of design and
    construction in a shortest possible duration. This approach
    also minimizes and eliminates adversarial relationship
    between the designers and construction professionals.
    NBA is a notable project and exemplifies the client’s clear
    vision from a desire to build a closer connection with local
    audiences and increase awareness of both the game and the

    NBA brand. With a significant following across the country,
    there was a need for a new workplace design that would
    reflect the youthful, athletic and lively culture of the league.
    Designed for around 30 people, it serves as an arena and a forum for
    small events as well as a hosting space for visiting players. The center
    also functions as a showcase space to welcome senior marketing
    and brand leaders facilitating corporate partnerships with NBA.
    One of the main challenges the M Moser team faced was
    maintaining the balance between global and local client
    expectations from the workspace. Combining global space standards with Indian market standards required careful consideration.