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Bristol is a Malaysian manufacturer of office furniture and seating established in 1981. We have an extensive product range, from system furniture to acoustic micro-architecture panels
to executive chairs.Ourcurrent “Work Better” campaign aims to improve work environments through office furniture.With the focus onagility and movement at work,collaborative and productive
environments and ergonomics through seating, we believe that good product design can transform the workplace for the better. Our strength lies in our knowledge of design and manufacturing of reliable office furniture. Our products have a unique design language, and are carefully engineered
by our research and design team, led by the Chief Creative Designer, who is also the Founder of the company.

We have undertaken projects for LinkedIn, Qualcomm, American Express. LinkedIn understands the importance of their employees wellbeing and happiness, which leads to good productivity at work.
Hence, they embraced the concept of activity based workplace, which encouraged their employees to be active and move while working. They called for a design submission of a new type of workstation, thatencouraged collaboration but also retained privacy for high concentration tasks.

Bristol R&D team studied the case and designed a new concept solution, which was brought to life as ELEVATE, a sit to stand desk system with independently moving panel and desks, ultimately giving each employee freedom to adjust their postureand privacy while working. Collaborate with open desk? Or elevate all the panels for a high concentration workplace.

Bristol won the competition and completed the project from design to delivery in a monumental 11 week deadline. Our manufacturing facility in Malaysia is an ISO 14001:2015 certified factory, and we adhere to a strict environmental management system throughout the manufacturing process
down to discarding our waste in compliance with recycling regulations and standards. Our products are also designed with the environment in mind. Pre and post recycled materials are used in each product, and its high modular components enable maximum reusability for end users in any future layout changes. We pride ourselves in designing products that stand the test of time, so that less will go into the landfill.

India is a very unique and progressive market, with the younger generation that are IT literate
and adapt fast to new ideas. This enables India to be competitive in the IT industry and encourages
global companies to set up their campuses here, empowering their India counterpart with decision making power and knowledge. It is no surprise that the workplace strategy in India is on par with the US, giving it a leading position in Asia. The focus on technology integration and employee wellbeing makes India the most receptive and fast changing market in the region as well. We are positive that India market will continue to grow and mature for the next decade, with these advantageous catalytic
factors coupled with India’s resilient growing economy.